Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mushrooms cultivated in Sri Lanka

Two basic media are commonly used in mushroom cultivation in Sri Lanka for artificial cultivation.

1.Saw-dust medium

a). Oyester(American oyester/ Butan oyester ) : Pleurotus sp.

b). Abelone mushroom : Pleurotus sp.

c). Jews-ear mushroom : Auricularia sp.

2.Paddy-straw medium.

a). Paddy-straw mushroom : Volvariella volvacea

b). Milky mushroom

c). Button Mushroom : Agaricus bisporus

Both raw materials i.e saw-dust and paddy-straw are abundantly found in Sri Lanka as agricultural and industrial waste in almost allover the country. Also, climatic conditions are more compatible for mushroom cultivation but a careful selection of variety is required.

Sri Lanka is an island of small land area it shows significant changes in temperature and humidity levels in different regions of the country hence, it stands a good chance to grow many varieties within the country. However, farmers should be guided by any public/private sector organization engaged in agricultural sector to fulfil their spawn requirements and technical transfer.

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